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Integrative Body Therapy

“Once you are approaching your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts.” 

Bessel A van der Kolk

How does Integrative Body Therapy work?

During the last 25-years I have been working as an integrative body-therapist accompanying and facilitating clients that have been facing terminal illnesses, trauma, anxiety, chronic & total pain, loss of self or health, grief and existential issues.

Our body accompanied us during every event we experienced since we were born. It was present during our highs and lows, as well as during times we spent in ‘the trenches of life’ that leave us wounded, bruised and scared.

Our body keeps its score of these wounds, bruises and scars, and developed its own wonderful coping mechanisms for us to survive, as well the ability to protect us from the wounding, trauma and pain we experienced in the past.


Depending on the gravitas and impact of our past experiences, our body keeps these powerful protection mechanisms in place, which spring into action the moment we are faced with circumstances that remind us of what happened in the past.


This explains why our protection mechanisms can be triggered by reminders that can present as a scent, a sound, a piece of music, a person, a location, a fabric, a specific undertone in someones voice, or anything else that resembles or carries elements of what we struggle to life with and integrate. 

Hence, during a trigger the unresolved trauma of the past turns into the ‘here and now’ continuing to impact, influence and interfere with your current life in many different ways. 

Integrative body therapy offers you the possibility to release these deeply held scores, release and heal the wounding and pain, leading to greater freedom and an enriched and fulfilling experience of life. 

What it helps with
  • Flash-backs

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Self-worth issues

  • Feeling inferior, helpless, frustrated, angry, defensive, numb, frozen, isolated, rejected, confused, vulnerable or dissociated, depressed, paranoid, fearful, terrible nightmares etc.

Approaches used

To be completed

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