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My lovely friend Kat Farrants an amazing supporter of my work and I have been collaborating ever since she founded MFML, offering online classes in yoga, meditation, self-development, wellbeing & mindfulness. MFML videos are a joy to work with and the classes are taught by the best teachers in the UK


Flow Studio Tunbridge Wells is one of the nicest studios I have ever come across and I am very grateful for our close collaboration. Lucy and Ben and team are true experts in their respective fields of work and what they offer is unique. I teach most of my workshops and trainings at Flow

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My publishing house Handspring Publishing published my most recent book 'The Inner Power Of Stillness'. I am forever grateful to Sarena Wolfaart my publisher who encouraged me to submit a book proposal. 

Handspring publishes professional-level books for bodyworkers, movement teachers and all professionals who use movement or touch to help patients achieve wellness


If you enjoy practicing online, and want to benefit from both pilates and yoga plus some meditation then yoopod is a great platform to sign up with. I am very thankful to Amit Younger for initiating this lovely collaboration we have, which led to the production and release of a wide range of meditation and mindfulness videos


As a CranioSacral practitioner I feel privileged to have studied with the Upledger Institute. My lovely friend, co-author and colleague Caroline Barrow, the director of the UI, and I have been collaborating for many years.

If you want to find a CST practitioner in your area, or plan to become a CST Therapist and train with a fabulous school check them right now


My first book 'Inside Meditation' was published by Troubador Publishing in 2012. They offer self/partnership publishing on a high quality level. If you are planning to publish a book its worth checking them out. Simply contact Jeremy Thompson the managing director who is very helpful and discuss your book idea. Like myself, you might find yourself handing in your first book proposal.

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The Yoga Wellness Company organise amazing bespoke retreats and workshops for clients who are searching for something more personal to meet specific needs.

Its Founder my lovely friend Jennifer Ellis and I have been working and teaching together for many years. I am very glad to collaborate with this wonderful company

Maggie Gill

If you want to train or be treated by a very special person then you have to get in touch with my wonderful friend, co-author and colleague Maggie Gill.

Maggie is teaching a large part of the Upledger curriculum worldwide and is seeing people for CST treatment in her clinic in Brighton. The two of us have been collaborating and teaching together for over a decade

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