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Self Evolution

What is Self Evolution

'Inner Work' is the teachings of 'Know Thyself' or 'Self-Study' in action. It is essential for the self evolution of everyone that is in a caring role, facilitates, manages, mentors, guides, treats, or teaches other people.


By truly understanding the scope and scale of ourselves, our body-mind and our psychology, we can gradually work our way towards the centre (or the fulcrum in the middle) where the possibility of settling into a genuinely neutral state of mind lies. The middle or neutral is the true home of every practitioner, therapist, teacher and everyone that works with others.


Through the intensity of life and the way our daily work acts on us, we are all getting out of balance or become depleted at times. Hence, in the spirit and light of neutral facilitation and guidance, conditions, states, dynamics and things are given the highest chance to alter, heal, integrate and change back into a true state of coherence.


How it works

Far Eastern Psychology and ancient Philosophy informed by universal teachings is the foundation of the 'Inner Work'. The 'works' objective is to ignite real understanding of objective truth about yourself and your role, place and true calling in your life and the world. In the 'inner work' the process starts exclusively with yourself, because it is only through conscious effort, generated by yourself that the ‘possibility’ of lasting change and the actual transformation into a genuinely centred or middle person exists. That is the reason why everybody working with people in the public and alternative health sector and education sector, as well as people working in social services or in managerial roles etc., should work with an experienced practitioner that facilitates their inner work on a regular basis.


Practitioners Background

Over a decade that began in his mid-twenties, Alexander studied Far Eastern Psychology and Philosophy, as well as yogic disciplines and the science of meditation via the traditional approach of one-to-one teacher-to-student tuition. His books ‘Inside Meditation’ and 'The Inner Power of Stillness' outline different aspects and applications of his studies in India as well as in Europe.

What to Expect

What happens in a session


Each session focuses on the the next relevant step or stage that takes you further up the scale of your possible inner evolution, furthering the development of your full potential as a person and as a professional.


We look at this next relevant step from an applied Eastern psychology point of view which illuminates both details and parts, as well as the whole.


Additionally, specific knowhow, exercises and practices are given in each session, which can be utilised, easily applied and be put into action in everyday life.


This meaningful action known as the 'Work', is inducing a process through which you truly can alter, change and evolve into whatever you are supposed to be. And it is you that will be in charge all along. 

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