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Stillness Therapy

What is Stillness Therapy

Whenever a new client asks me if I can fix their problems, it is always a great relief to say, “No I can’t, but lets find out if you can”.

Stillness Therapy evolved out of over a decade of scientific research into stilling and meditation practice, discovering the profound impact inner stillness has on our physiology and psychology. Stillness Therapy is a powerful, yet non-invasive complementary therapy that leads to greater coherence between our body, mind and emotions, and can be safely applied alongside most medical and therapeutic interventions. 

How it works

The focal point of Stillness Therapy is the inner development by the client of the mainly dormant potential of stillness and the storage capacity of stillness-stimulus and imprints in our tissue/fascia/fluid, as well as their benefits, use and application in everyday life and at work. As science discovered, this is initially achieved by creating stillness-stimulus by means of stilling practice and external sources that transmit and generate stillness.


Repeated stillness-stimulus not only gives rise to a variety of profoundly beneficial brain-wave patterns, as well as growth of new neurons and neurological pathways in the brain, a process known as neurogenesis that leads to neuroplasticity. It will also lead to the manifestation of stillness-memory that gradually forms into a permanent centre of gravity we will be able to access and utilise. In time this centre of gravity will gradually generate stillness-stimulus from within ourselves, becoming the fulcrum in our middle from where conscious actions and responses arise from, rendering our default responses passive, ultimately leading to a life lived in coherence and balance.



As a craniosacral practitioner, stillness therapist and teacher of the 'Inner Work', Alexander has been treating, teaching, counselling and facilitating clients and students for over 20 years. His approach is not tied to a belief system, offering a safe and neutral space to bring the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of synthesis and greater coherence.

What it Promotes

Stillness Therapy mainly acts on our nervous system, our state of mind and our emotional states.


It is known to be the most potent antidote to stress, increases our attention span and enhances our ability to focus and concentrate.

Stillness Therapy has been proven to lower high blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, balance mood swings and gives rise to a greater sense of inwardness and centredness.


It also has a profoundly calming effect on our mind, synchronises brain function, and is a powerful tool in pain management and sleeping disorders.


It ultimately leads to a more compassion centred way of living, greater awareness and a better life work balance.

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