Understanding Yoga Training

330 Hour Teacher Training
Flow Tunbridge Wells

This teacher training is for people with a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge not just about the skills and techniques needed to become a good yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher but the kind of knowledge, and more importantly understanding, that will ignite a fire in your belly to explore more.


This fire is vital for your own self-transformation and discovery and we will consistently emphasis the self-first, before you can reach out and support others through this work. Exploration, creativity, discussion, good humour and support will be at the heart of our comprehensive course. Supported by the years of experience and wealth of knowing that your teachers are willing to openly to share and pass on to you. We are immensely proud and humbled to have gathered guest teachers who are at the top of their field in their chosen specialism and have been teaching or working in their areas for 10 – 25 years. Our course is small (maximum of 12 students per intake) and bespoke. All modules will be located at Flow Tunbridge Wells in Kent.


Flow is a small, purpose built, stunning and fully equipped yoga studio committed to authentic yoga teaching and learning. We will establish a buddy system and support you every step of the way, making things easy and simple for you so you can concentrate on your job of developing yourself and your unique skills as a teacher. Philosophy, living anatomy, breathwork, pranayama, meditation, creativity, safety and structure will be at the core of all that we do and all that we unveil to you over the 20 months of our 330-hour Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited course. Ultimately, our aim is to tap into the very heart of your essence and reveal the unique truth of your authentic self, so you can become a great teacher and a hungry student of life. By the end of the course we aim for you to have enough of an UNDERSTANDING of both yoga and yourself to confidently excel in a career as a unique, gifted and individual yoga teacher.

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