Alexander Filmer-Lorch

My Approach based on an integrative transpersonal view on working with people, which is inspired by the timeless universal idea that there is 'No One Way' that facilitates change.

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About me

Alexander trained as a professional dancer with the John Cranko Ballet Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. His extensive studies of Eastern psychology and philosophy, yogic disciplines and meditation took place in the traditional one-to-one practice of teacher and student. 

Meditation Videos

In collaboration with Movement For Modern Life, Alexander has produced and released a variety of meditation videos covering different types of meditation, mindfulness, breath work and self-development.


Alexander has had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals. We draw strength & inspiration from each others knowledge, insights &  potential. 

Together we work towards the same objective. 

Alexander Filmer-Lorch is one of the few people with a mind disciplined enough to understand the teachings behind universal ideas, a body awake enough to integrate them and an inner self stilled enough to transmit them. Be open and learn. 

H.Evans Author of The Story of a Rose