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My Approach

Integrative & Evolutionary

Each person is unique, and to honour this uniqueness many systems and approaches have been developed providing the necessary tools to navigate life's more demanding and trying moments.

Therefore, I work with an 'integrative evolutionary approach' allowing me to draw from a great variety of skills and methods, which are proven and known to facilitate change successfully when applied creatively and intuitively.

Person-led & Compassion Centred

Over the past three decades, I've witnessed the profound presence of innate wisdom and self-healing ability in every individual.

This power comes alive when I step back from directing and instead engage in compassionate listening and presence.

In this space, individuals are in charge of their process, and genuine transformation unfolds.

Progressive & Transpersonal

My approach is rooted in a transpersonal perspective, aiming to engage with individuals in their entirety.

I recognise the co-existence of both, 'Transpersonal Aspects,' representing our potential and future development, alongside 'Personal Aspects,' encompassing our physicality, psychology, personality, mind, and emotions.

Embracing the boundless nature of our actual potential, this evolutionary journey is ceaselessly progressive.

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