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My Approach

Integrative & Evolutionary

Each person is unique, and to honour this uniqueness many systems and approaches have been developed providing the necessary tools to get us through the more challenging and difficult times of our life.

I use an 'integrative evolutionary approach' that enables me to draw from a large scale of methods and modalities, which are proven and known to facilitate change successfully when they are applied intuitively and creatively.

Person-led & Compassion Centred

Throughout the last three decades I have been privileged to witness countless times where an inherent inner wisdom and self-healing ability is living at the very core of each person.


It springs into action the moment I refrain from treating and facilitating the person from a place of knowing and doing, by shifting into a genuine state of compassion centred listening, being and allowing.


It is here where the person is truly in charge and the real work takes place.

Progressive & Transpersonal

To be able to facilitate and work with a person as a whole, my approach is deeply rooted in a transpersonal perspective.


That is, I acknowledge the simultaneous presence of  both the 'Transpersonal Aspects' within ourselves in form of our actual potential and what we are supposed to become, as well as the 'Personal Aspects' that are comprised of our, physicality, psychology, personality, mind and emotions.

Considering the infinite nature of our full potential, this evolutionary process is endlessly progressive.

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