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The Inner Power of Stillness
A practical Guide for Therapists and Practitioners

Existing books on therapeutic presence are aimed at specific niche sectors, such as psychotherapists or yoga instructors.

This book is for therapists/teachers of any background. It aims to show them the relevance of ancient philosophies and teachings in modern practice and to demystify what they see with their eyes and feel with their hands as they work.

It will give them the tools to recognise the aspects of themselves that they bring to their work, and develop ways to stay well and avoid burnout.


The book will offer practical knowledge that will revolutionise the way practitioners help others:

  • Working from a greater perspective, being aware of the whole as well as the parts, and responding to the cause and not only the effect.

  • Working from an internal place of stillness.


  • Innovative and practical exercises and techniques to dissolve friction/struggles in sustaining a state of authentic therapeutic presence, mindfulness and meditation.

  • Simple exercises to help clients build long-term memory of stillness as a foundation for successful mindfulness and meditation practice.

Book Cover - The Inner Power of Stillness by Alexander Filmer-Lorch
Book Cover - Inside Meditaion by Alexander Filmer-Lorch
Inside Meditation
In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within

Inside Meditation - In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within is a contemporary guide to the theory, practice and application of the science of meditation, philosophy and Eastern psychology.

Alexander Filmer-Lorch uses Inside Meditation to demystify the process of meditation. The book explores the history and origins of meditation, looking at the latest scientific aspects of regular meditation practice and its impact on brain function, brain-wave activity and its ability to create permanent changes in brain tissue.

It also concentrates on the benefits of meditation practice on stress and adrenaline levels, mood swings, blood pressure, the immune system and overall health. There are more than 45 exercises and techniques explained in the book that cover self-study and meditation practice.

Each chapter describes the theory behind the practice and gives clear instruction on how to action the acquired knowledge and how the techniques or exercises are supposed to be applied and executed.

All meditation techniques explained in the book can be safely practiced and explored without the guidance of a teacher. Every topic, theme, method and technique has been thoroughly studied, researched, explored and practised by the author.


Inside Meditation offers a timeless and down-to-earth approach based on Alexander Filmer-Lorch's accumulation of 30 years of self-practice and 20 years of meditation and philosophy teaching experience. The work is inspired and influenced by both old and new traditions.

Alexander Filmer-Lorch is one of the few people with a mind disciplined enough to understand the teachings behind universal ideas, a body awake enough to integrate them and an inner self stilled enough to transmit them. Be open and learn. 

H.Evans Author of The Story of a Rose

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