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Online Mindfulness Classes

Alexander facilitates a weekly 30 minute Mindfulness session.


Each class costs £5.00 and there is no need to sign up for a block of classes.

Classes are taught via Zoom (password protected).

To join the class, please call +44 7789 152784 or use the Contact Us form.

Class Schedule

Monday     5:30 pm  -  6:00pm


No Classes on the following dates:

  • n/a

Meditation Videos

In collaboration with 'Movement For Modern Life' Alexander produced and released a variety of meditation videos covering different types of meditation, mindfulness, breath work and self-development. Get a glimpse with the video clip below.

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"The universal teachings talk about a place of great significance, 
known as an inconspicuous threshold where the visible and the invisible worlds meet.

In stilling practice the transitioning between these worlds is experienced as the motion of finally diving out of the ocean. 

A moment of sublime liberation in which the need to grasp ceases to exist and the 'Self' is vividly remembered."

 Alexander Filmer-Lorch

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