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Alexander graduated as a state-approved professional dancer from the John Cranko Ballet Academy in Stuttgart at the age of 19. Following his graduation, he pursued a career as a professional dancer at the German Opera House in Düsseldorf & Düsburg.


He embarked on extensive travels to India and Europe to delve into various disciplines including Spanda Yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism Yoga, Eastern Psychology and Philosophy, Sahaj Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Advaita, Yoga Flow, the Fourth Way Teaching, and the Yoga of Vanda Scaravelli. These journeys aimed to deepen his understanding of the moving body, as well as the workings of the mind and consciousness.


Since 2003, Alexander has been practicing as an Advanced Level II Cranio-Sacral practitioner, specialising in treating individuals facing existential issues such as end-stage cancer, PTSD, and trauma stemming from medical interventions and life's unexpected events.

Over the past two decades, he has provided treatment and facilitation to numerous individuals both individually and in group settings.


Drawing from his extensive experience, Alexander authored his first book, ‘Inside Meditation – in Search of the Unchanging Nature Within’ (Filmer-Lorch, 2012), which aimed to make ancient philosophical and psychological concepts accessible to the general public in a modern context.


Following the publication of his book, Alexander established Inside Meditation, a contemporary school of neutral thought in London, offering various workshops and training programs. He also provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for the Upledger Institute (UK and Europe) and mentors practitioners working with psychological and physiological health.


In addition to his clinical work, Alexander has designed and delivered accredited classes, meditation-therapy courses, and teacher trainings for numerous institutions across the UK and Europe.


A pivotal event in 2014, marked by near-death encounters due to medical intervention, inspired Alexander's second book, ‘The Inner Power of Stillness – a Practical Guide for Therapists and Practitioners,’ which was published internationally by Handspring Publishing in 2016. This semi-academic work offers a practical framework to support practitioners, therapists, and teachers in maintaining their well-being while excelling in their professions.


In response to the publication of his second book, Alexander was invited to present ‘The Inner Power of Stillness’ at the 2016 Rhythm & Resonance Symposium in London by the Upledger Institute UK.

Subsequently, in October 2016, Alexander conducted a workshop titled ‘The Inner Power of Stillness and Presence in a Therapeutic Relationship’ for clinicians and managers at the South West London and St. George’s Mental Health Trust. This workshop aimed to enhance personal resilience and therapeutic effectiveness within the public health sector.


Furthermore, Alexander was invited by the London Leadership Academy to present ‘The Compassionate Leader and The Inner Power of Stillness’ at the 2017 Leadership Summit in London, with the goal of fostering self-containment, self-preservation skills, and compassion-centered leadership within the public health sector amidst change.


Alexander holds a Post Graduate Certificate in the Foundations of Counselling and Psychotherapy from CCPE and is in the final stages of accreditation as a clinical integrative psychotherapist by UKCP, BACP & NCPS.


With a synthesis of 35 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines, meditation, applied philosophy, Eastern psychology, bodywork, and clinical integrative psychotherapy, Alexander endeavours to bring the body, mind, and spirit to a natural state of meditative synthesis.


Disciplines studied

  • Clinical Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Foundations of Counselling & Psychotherapy Theory

  • Spanda Yoga

  • Kashmir Shaivism Yoga

  • Eastern Psychology and Philosophy

  • Sahaj Yoga

  • Jnana Yoga

  • Advaita

  • Yoga Flow

  • Fourth Way Teachings

  • Yoga of Vanda Scaravelli 


Qualifications & Certifications

  • PGDip in Clinical Integrative Psychotherapy

  • PGCert in the Foundations of Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Foundation Degree in Dance (Classical / Neo-Classical / Contemporary) - state-approved dancer and dance teacher

  • Senior Meditation, Philosophy & Yoga Teacher, grandfathered in and certified by the Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance USA

  • Primary E-RYT500, E500 and T500 certification from the Yoga Alliance USA and European Yoga Alliance

  • Gyrotonic® teacher certification

  • Pilates mat and equipment teacher/trainer

  • Senior yoga  teacher trainer

  • Certified to teach Anatomy in Clay Practitioner in

  • Advanced practitioner in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release®, specialising in both post-traumatic stress disorders and immune system response, brain dysfunctions, stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Therapeutic Dialog and Imagery

  • Inner Work Facilitator 

  • Stillness Therapist

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