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“I believe that a different therapy must be constructed for each because each has a unique story”

Irvin Yalom (2022)

What is Psychotherapy

The above quote speaks to me personally, deeply resonating with my own beliefs and experiences.

What I bring to therapy

In order to meet and honour your uniqueness, my work is based on a relational, collaborative and interactive approach. This allows you to focus on matters deeply embedded in your very existence that is exposed to an unpredictable and ever-changing world.

The single most important thing I have learned from my practice is that everybody’s story deserves to be heard. Therefore, my contribution is to be present and still enough to truly hear what you are saying, approaching you with a sense of openness and wonderment at your unfolding story.


Is there anything you need to bring to therapy?

The answer is simple; just bring yourself, and I’ll meet you wherever you are and with what you are right now. Everything else will unfold from there. 

My specialisations:

Trauma & PTSD

The impact of unsettling or traumatising experiences is often neglected or brushed aside, and people often don't recognise the signs of post traumatic stress, the impact it can cause on ourselves and our life, and how to deal with triggers and the coping mechanisms we have developed to survive and to cope with everyday life. 

Everybody's trauma is unique and presents in different ways.


Loss, Grief & Bereavement

For many years I have been working in bereavement counselling and palliative care at St Raphael’s Hospice (Sutton/London) facilitating patients and family members through challenging times. Grief-work also focuses on painful losses like; loss of health, loss of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of an animal, loss of self, loss of meaning and purpose and countless other possible losses.

Minority Groups

This includes LGBTQIA+, Neurodiversity, Ethnic Minorities, Physio-Psychological Disabilities (my practice has wheelchair access).

What it helps with

Key issues and difficulties that often bring people into counselling and therapy include:

depression, addiction, stress and anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, family dynamics, anger issues, illness and pain, low self-esteem, feeling stuck, mid-life crisis, bereavement, work/career crisis, eating disorders, sexuality and loneliness.

What is integrative-psychotherapy and what can it offer?

Here is a list of the six different approaches that inform my work. Each approach offers a different competence and speciality. This allows the therapist to work in an ‘integrative’ way,  utilising one or the other depending on what best serves the client and their current needs, creating the foundation for a wide ranging safe practice.


This approach offers a map of early life and issues that relate to that time of a persons life. This includes our conditioning and what we have been influenced and informed by our family, as well as our social environment. 

Person-centred/ Humanistic: 

This approach offers the therapist to work in a relational, empathetic and collaborative way. It’s emphasis is the here-and-now experience that includes anything that is currently asking for attention on a somatic, emotional or mental level.


This approach is essentially about being human. It explores the intricacies of each client’s experience of what it entails to be human. It also focuses on questions regarding our existence, including concerns about life and death, being and becoming, spirituality, meaningfulness and choice, relationships, oppression, freedom, and authenticity. The role of the therapist is to help the client focus their consciousness on the situation they are in, taking full responsibility for it, while accepting the givens of life.


This approach invites psychotherapists to draw upon ancient wisdom, modern psychology and philosophy. It is underpinned by a theoretical framework that is inclusive. Its basic assumptions include:

  • the multidimensionality of consciousness;

  • the idea that our essential self is spiritual;

  • the idea that we are all seeking wholeness;

  • the idea that we can access an inner wisdom and that our life and actions can be meaningful, to name a few. 

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